Fellowships and Awards

As part of its mission to advance academic excellence at Johns Hopkins SAIS and help bridge the divide between scholarly research and policymaking, the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs is pleased to announce three new opportunities:

  • Kissinger Summer Fellowships: Summer internships provide critical practical experience, skills, and networking opportunities – whether students plan to enter a career in public service or pursue further academic training with a focus on policy-relevant research. The Kissinger Center will provide up to three summer fellowships of $5,000 each to exceptional Johns Hopkins SAIS students pursuing internships where they will make a substantive contribution to policy formulation or conduct original research on a significant contemporary policy problem in international affairs. Applications should include a one page statement of interest, a CV, and a writing sample, and should be submitted on Handshake no later than May 18. Preference will be given to students enrolled in the yearlong Kissinger Seminar on History, Strategy, and American Statecraft (SA.200.738).

  • Kissinger Essay Prize: The Kissinger Center will award an annual prize of $2,500 to a Johns Hopkins SAIS student for the best paper in history, geo-strategy, and statecraft. Papers will be evaluated on their originality, the quality of analysis, clarity of exposition, and the significance of their conclusions/recommendations. Papers must have been submitted for credit to a course in the current academic year and may include both research papers and policy memoranda. Submissions should be sent to, with the subject line “Kissinger Essay Prize” and a cover email identifying the course to which the paper was originally submitted. The final day to submit a paper for consideration is Friday, May 18th, 2019. The prize will be announced in June.

  • Kissinger Research and Travel Fund: Rigorous scholarly research has an important role to play informing public debate and policymaking on key challenges in international affairs. In order to enhance the ability of PhD students to conduct primary-source research and participate in academic conferences and other scholarly fora, the Kissinger Center will offer several new grants of up to $2,500 to support research and travel on topics at the intersection of history, geo-strategy, and statecraft. Applicants must be PhD students at Johns Hopkins SAIS and should follow the normal procedure to request research and travel funding and indicate in their cover letter that they would like to be considered for a Kissinger grant.

For additional information please send an email to or contact Diane Bernabei, Senior Academic Program Coordinator, at (202) 249-7316.

DAAD Post-Doctoral Fellowships

In partnership with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Foreign Policy Institute at SAIS, the Kissinger Center is accepting applications for six post-doctoral fellowships working on the theme “the United States, Europe, and Global Order.” Post-doctoral fellows will focus on this subject during a regular series of high-level seminars, peer review sessions, and opportunities for direct engagement with senior foreign policy practitioners and leading scholars of statecraft and world order. Additional information can be found here.